Gatujuristerna (”The Street Lawyers”) is a non-profit organisation of law students who provide free legal advice for underprivileged people. The organisation works like a law clinic, spread out across different locations around Stockholm and Uppsala. Our clients come to us with issues related to all sorts of areas, for example the social services, eviction, debt, migration, and inheritance. Some of our clients are homeless, and suffer from mental illness and/or substance abuse. We do not discriminate. As long as you treat us with respect and are able to explain what you need help with, we will meet with you.

To make an appointment, please check our calendar. You make the appointment with the staff where you want to meet us, e.g. the people working at Kafé Vällingby or Convictus Vardagsrummet.

After you tell us what you need our help with, we will look at any documents you have brought with you and try to figure out (1) if your issue is a law-related one, and (2) how we can help you. You may usually take a break and leave the room while we try to find a solution. We will call you back in when we have an answer for you.

If we are not able to solve your problem, we do our best to make sure you know where to go next. We mainly offer advice in Swedish and in English, but other languages are also represented in the organisation.

Please note that we do not offer legal advice or accept bookings via email. Please do not send us personal documentation if we have not asked you to do so.